Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Multi-Functional Cultural Centre and Art Gallery | The Public | West Bromwich, United Kingdom | Will Alsop

Architect: Will Alsop
Project Type: Cultural Centers/Art Galleries
Design: 2004
Realization: 2008

Project Description:
The structure, designed to accommodate many initiatives related to local and international art, was conceived as a real "box of wonders" whose role is to encourage creativity. Hence the idea of a multiplicity of spaces, shapes, curvilinear shapes and playful atmosphere.

The black leather of the parallelepiped (113m x 21m x 22m) is countered by the color red strawberry in a series of windows, whose shape evokes the strange softness of Giuggioli. Is the same color as the base of the structure, whose windows allow a view inside. Here the simplicity of the exterior gives way to the complexity of large objects with curvilinear geometry suspended from the ceiling, a series of elevators and a staircase that links the different spaces.

A structure composed of 13 pairs of hollow steel columns filled with concrete support the main floor located on the third level. Here elements of steel that develops a bump, offer support for the cover. The envelope was designed as a self-supporting structure, and thus independent of the primary: "Structurally - Will Alsop says - can be described as a light box which is a series of sculptural forms. These surround the plans that are supported by the main structure of columns in steel and cement. "